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Issued with the assistance of the Association of Technologist-Mechanicians

Founder and Publisher
the Federal State Budget Educational Institution Bryansk State Technical University

Certificate of Registration PI No. FS77-66087 of 10.06.2016 (re-registered in connection with the change of a founders and a publisher PI No. FS77-43337 of 28.12.2010) is issued by the Federal Service for a supervision in the field of connection, information technologies and mass communications (Roscomnadzor)

Agreement No.315-10/2011R of 17.10.2011 On the Inclusion of the Journal Science Intensive Technologies in Mechanical Engineering in the Russian Index System of Scientific Citation

The Journal is included in the List of Leading Peer-Reviewed Journals in which should be published basic scientific results of theses presented for the scientific degrees competition of Doctors and Candidates degrees (site of the Higher Attestation Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation). Welcome to our website at:

The journal was founded in 2011
ISSN 2223-4608(International Standard Serial Number)
DOI: 10.12737/ISSN.2223-4608 (Digital Object Identifier)
For a volume up 48 pages
Publication frequency-monthly
The journal is distributed by subscription

Subscription indices:
79195 for six-month subscription according to the Catalogue Rospechat (Russian Press)

05.02.00 Mechanical Engineering and Machine Science
05.16.00 - Metallurgy and materials science

Themes: science intensive technologies at material and blanks production, at machining blanks and manufacturing machine parts, at machine assemblage

Journal Rubrics:
* Technologies of scientific intensive materials and nano-technologies;
* Science intensive technologies in pre-production;
* Science intensive technologies in blanks machining;
* Science intensive technologies in electro-physico-chemical and combined treatment;
* Technologies in machining on NC machines and in machining centers;
* Science intensive technologies in blanks finish-strengthening;
* Science intensive technologies in manufacturing non-metallic parts;
* Function-directed and module technologies;
* Technologies of prototyping and laser treatment;
* Science intensive technologies in assemblage;
* Science intensive technologies in repair, parts restoration and coatings;
* Automated preparation and engineering process control;
* Plenary reports of International Scientific Conferences.

When sending a paper to the editorial board an author gives his consent tacitly for the location of the paper text and authors data in the journal and on the Internet-site of the journal

The material of the paper, submitted by authors, is subjected to the analysis with the use of Anti-plagiarism system for the definition of adoptions presence

Information about papers published is located in the system of the Russian index of scientific citation (RISC) - and full-text versions of articles posted on the website, academic publishing house "INFRA-M", the portal of scientific publications NAUKARU.RU -

Postal address: Editorial Board of the Journal Science Intensive Technologies in Mechanical Engineering, 7, 50 Years of October Boulevard, Bryansk, 241035
Editorial Board Address: R 514, Building 4 of BSTU, 10-6, Kharkovskaya Str., Bryansk
Phone: +7-903-592-87-39

Editor-in-Chief Anatoly Grigorievich Suslov, D. Eng., Prof, Honored Worker of Science and Engineering of the RF
Deputy Editor-in-Chief Nadezhda Victorovna Dyubkova

2015 Bryansk State Technical University. All rights reserved
7, Bulvar 50- letiya Oktyabrya, Bryansk, 241035, Russia